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SGA Election Rules



Campaigning must follow these guidelines, and candidates for office must comply with these regulations:


  • Candidates for office may campaign on the Owings Mills & North campus. Candidates may not enter residence halls or apartment halls unless they are the resident of that hall. Candidates may also not enter any classrooms, lab rooms, or lecture halls when instruction or events is taking place.

  • Materials such as buttons, flyers, and posters may be distributed to students to spread your message. ALL materials used by candidates must be approved by the Judicial Board before being distributed. Any materials not approved by the Judicial Board may result in disqualification. All material approval should be submitted to this form.


*It should be noted that certain non-traditional giveaway items (regardless of their cost) may cross the line from mere advertising to being a gift to induce a vote, which is prohibited. Furthermore, a giveaway may never be cash or a gift card with a cash value.

  • Posters and flyers may be put up in these designated locations only: Main lobby of Rockland, poster boards located in classroom. Posters or flyers in resident halls must receive additional approval from Resident life.

  • All candidates must adhere to the requirements set forth in all SGA Guiding Documents.

Any violation of SGA or Stevenson policies, state laws and federal laws shall result in penalties as determined by the Judicial Board. Prohibited actions include, but are not limited to:


  • Falsifying any information transmitted to the Judicial Board

  • Disobeying any Judicial Board order

  • Destroying other candidates’ campaign materials

  • In-person campaigning on the Shady Grove satellite campus

  • Intentionally or negligently making false statements about another candidate



The Judicial Board may disqualify candidates, tickets, or groups of candidates as a sanction for misconduct. In the event that a candidate is disqualified during the voting period, the Chief Justice must inform voters of the disqualification.

Confirmation of Election Results

The Judicial Board must confirm the election results. The Judicial Board will not confirm the results until allcomplaints are resolved.

Complaints & Anonymous Reporting

During the election process, candidates or anyone may raise complaints or report violations of the election rules to the Judicial Board. After a report is submitted, the Judicial Board will review the validity of the claim and investigate. Any complaints may be submitted using this form. 

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