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SGA FALL Semester Elections

Represent Your Peers

Fight For What You Believe in 

Advocate For All


Lead Your Peers & Represent Our Mustang Community

Serving as an elected official in SGA is not only rewarding, but a unique experience to find solutions that face students at Stevenson. Be the difference for your peers and make your voice heard!

Positions You Can Run For:

- Freshman Class Representative 
- Commuter Representative
- Resident Hall Representative
- Apartment Hall Representative
- Academic School Representative

*Note you don't have to be a current member of SGA to run

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Apply to Run!

Run for office and represent your peers! Applications are open until Sunday, September 25, 11:59PM


9/25: Applications close

9/26: Applicants will be notified of eligibility to run. Applicants must sign election rules contract before campaigning. 
Applicants may campaign for office.

10/5-10/7: Elections are held.

Roles & Responsibilities of Each Position

Freshman Class Representative 

- Chair the Freshman Class Committee, preside over all Class Committee meetings, and establish a hierarchy within the Council as needed.

- Assist Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Class Committees with homecoming as needed in the fall semester and plan Spring Fling in the spring    semester.

- Join the Executive Cabinet immediately upon election.

- Address the concerns of the Freshman class population.

House of Representatives

The House of Representatives is a new edition to the legislative branch. Made up of 21 members representing each resident hall, apartment hall, academic school, and commuter body, the House is the main voice for student life on campus.

- Attend all legislative meetings of the House of Representatives.

- Attend all committee meetings of which they are members.

- Attend all training sessions that are applicable, as designated by the Speaker.

- House meetings will be held twice a month.

- During the meetings, the House members should meet in the

  perspective committees to work on what was designated to them

  by the committee head.

- All general body House members should be present at the meeting

  unless notifying the Speaker of the House with a suitable reason

  that they approve.

- Sponsor at least one piece of legislation per semester.

Questions or Concerns?

All rules and regulations of all elections are governed by the Judicial Branch of SGA. If you have any questions or concerns, please email the Chief Justice of SGA, Evan LaPointe, at:

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