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Official Senate Mission Statements and Objectives can be found via the PDF attachment to your right. 

2019-2020 Senate Committees

Service and Philanthropy

TBD, Chair

Committee members will collaborate to provide meaningful service opportunities for SGA members and the collective student body. This will include volunteer work on campus during events such as Mustangs Make a Difference Day and March Madness, as well as off campus including partnerships with Student United Way and Stevenson Service Scholars.

Student Services

TBD, Chair

The mission of Stevenson University’s SGA Student Services Committee is to implement positive changes that benefit the overall welfare of all members of the Stevenson Community. By working closely with the student body, this committee is dedicated to making positive changes to the Stevenson experience. As the liaison between the SGA and the Faculty Council and will work to constantly update and serve as representatives of the updates that both the Senate and SGA executive board have worked hard to complete.

Resident and Commuter Life

TBD, Chair

The mission of the Resident and Commuter Life Committee of Stevenson University is to ensure a positive, safe, and enriching environment towards both the residents and commuters of Stevenson University. We intend to provide a peaceful and secure setting that is beneficial towards the mental and physical health of all students. The committee wants to accomplish on creating a relationship in which the ideas of both residents and commuters are voiced and taken into action. The committee will be communicating with both the Commuter Student Association and Residence Life to deal with any concerns. We value the cooperation from every aspect of Stevenson University in order to bring this diverse community to a working unit.

Senior Class Counsel

Nasa Holt, Chair

Strives to keep seniors informed of all graduation requirements and deadlines. The Senior Class Committee works to create a lasting legacy at Stevenson through fundraising for our Class Gift. The counsel organizes programming to prepare students for their future and build community among the graduating class.

Diversity and Inclusion

Anthony Plaag, Chair

This commits itself to diversity as it relates to awareness, education, respect and practice at every level of the organization. The University embraces people of all backgrounds, defined by, but not limited to, ethnicity, culture, race, gender, class, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, physical ability, learning styles, and political perspectives. The University believes its core values are strengthened when all of its members have voice and representation. The resulting inclusive organizational climate promotes the development of broad-minded members of the University who positively influence their local and global communities.

Student Conduct

 TBD, Chair

Vows to work relentlessly towards a fair, educational, consistent student conduct process for resolving alleged violations of the Code of Student Conduct.

Academic Affairs

TBD, Chair

This committee shall work with professors, academic professionals, and students to develop quality academic programs and student support services that encourage students to reach their academic potential and prepare them for their future careers. We plan to works towards creating a welcoming setting where students feel supported and have the opportunity to reflect on their individual growth and challenges, and to explore who they are. We will focus on promoting a diverse and inclusive feeling among all students which will lead to creativity, excellence, and student learning.

Homecoming and School Spirit

TBD, Chair

As the Athletics and School Spirit Committee we strive to bridge the gap between Athletics and the student body to promote unity and stronger school spirit within the Stevenson Community. 

Finance Committee

TBD, Chair

The mission of Stevenson University’s SGA Finance Committee is to contribute in developing and fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between the Student Government Association and the Stevenson community through development and improvement of financial processes clubs and organizations must undertake when requesting funds as well as work collectively to budget finances for the good of the community as a whole. We will serve, involve, and inform others whenever necessary in order to ensure we are successful in building and strengthening the SU community.

Constitution and Elections
TBD, Chair

The mission of the Constitution and Election Committee is to serve as a steward of the Student Government Constitution and safeguard election practices. The committee will monitor constitutional adherence, assist in drafting legislation, and oversee the process of Student Government elections when they occur. We will strive to be advocates for our fellow students, listen to their concerns and needs, and facilitate healthy debate and communication throughout the Stevenson University community.

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