Student Government Association Senate

A copy of the latest Constitution, including Senate structure, can be found by clicking "About" in the menu bar above. 

Spring 2020 Senate Committees


Michele Melton (, Chair

The Sustainability committee is responsible for raising awareness for the community of the Stevenson University to enact changes environmentally and ethically.

Club Leadership

TBD, Chair

The Club Leadership committee is responsible for fostering a leadership foundation within clubs and aiding in the developing of organization and success. It is our mission that we emphasize communication among the student body and from club to club. We strive to help clubs and their members gain the knowledge they require to successfully operate and function in their endeavors.

School Spirit

Taysia Phelps ( & Gloria Healy (, C0-Chairs

The School Spirit Committee is responsible for bringing the student body together as one community through social activities and engagements. This committee addressees a lack of school spirit and community centered events. The goal is to attract students, current prospective, with various identities through social entertainment.

Diversity and Inclusion

Nay Wesley-Seymour (, Chair

The Diversity and Inclusion committee hereby commits itself to diversity as it relates to awareness, education, respect and practices at every level of the organization. Furthermore the university believes its core values are strengthened when all of its members have voice and representation.