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Hopeful for New Faces!

For this upcoming school year, lucky for you guys, we have 33 open positions for students to be a part of senate! We are hopeful to see plenty of new faces at our senate meetings that are biweekly on Fridays starting at 4pm and ending around 5:30.

Senate was created to be a voice of the student body and to express current student concerns. We work with the facility on different committees to work toward a solution. Examples of different committees that senate members can be a part of are finance, spirits and traditions, marketing, and student services.

Previously we have had senate members that represent each school and different departments. This year we hope to just have a general senate that will help us increase the amount of student concerns that are being brought to the Student Government.

In order to be a part of our team, we hope to see you at one of our interest meetings being held on August 31st, September 1st, September 6th, and September 9th in the school of business in room 400 from 6-7pm. You can apply right at our website on

Hope to see you guys soon!

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