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Meet the SGA (Cory Ott)

In my time here at Stevenson University, I have had the honor to work with some of the brightest and most passionate people I have ever met. The members of SGA have an enthusiasm that breathes life into every initiative taken on. With every inhale, we ready our voice to engage in meaningful change. As a Peer Educator, I understand that helping my peers requires listening, not hearing. During my time as a Resident Assistant, I have learned how to create a safe atmosphere for my residents while taking care of myself. As a chair for Relay For Life, I proved to myself that a person is only limited by the expectations they set for themselves. As a member of SGA, I was shown how powerful a voice can be, even if it is a whisper. Through all of these experiences, it has become apparent that the weight of a name is more than that of a nametag. Your name carries the weight of your word. My name is Cory Ott, and anything you are willing to voice, I am willing to listen to.

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