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Will You Show Up?

Imagine the school is completely empty in the middle of the semester, mid-week. The halls are silent, not a student to be found anywhere. It’s not a holiday, a break, or even a day off. Students just decided not to show up to class. The next week the students come back to find their GPAs' have plummeted, they have no comprehension of the material, and they just lost hundreds of dollars’ worth in tuition.

When we don’t show up, when we don’t learn, and when we don’t apply ourselves, we lose every time. In this upcoming election cycle we have a lot to gain, but we also have a lot to lose. So don’t be that kid who skips class, who bugs other classmates for the notes you missed, and complains about your test score. Show up for your country, be informed of the facts and aware of your values, and stand behind your vote.

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