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Find us in our office!

Ever wonder where the SGA home base is?

When you walk up the stairs of the Rockland Center and make a left, you find yourself walking past the Office of Student Activities. If you keep walking down the hall, you come to a “fork in the road.” If you make a left, you end up in Claire Moore’s office. By making a right, you land in the Student Resource Room, where there are supplies for all the clubs and organizations at Stevenson. In the Resource Room there are two offices- the door on the left is the SGA Office. There you can find us during our office hours and before meetings.

When planning a meeting with a member of the Executive Board, our Owings Mills office will be the best central meeting location. We also have a location on the Greenspring Campus, next to Conference Services, and use the Welcome desk in the MAC as office space.

If you ever need to meet with an SGA representative for any reason, please refer to our Office Hour list on our website- this way you can guarantee that an SGA rep will be in the office when you stop by. We want to get to know the student body and what matters to you!

So, stop on by and chat with us!

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