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Senate Structure Ignites Growth and Passion

Serving as Speaker of the Senate for the Student Government Association at Stevenson University, I have the pleasure of leading a body of over sixty student leaders serving as a senator. This new Senate structure has allowed and encouraged all students, especially club leaders, to have a seat at the SGA table to be a voice for change. These senators have all chosen their committee membership based on their strengths, backgrounds and interest that would best serve the student body and the SGA. These committees are Food Services, Diversity & Inclusion, Academic Affairs, Athletics and School Spirit, Student Conduct, Leadership and Professional Development, Service and Philanthropy, Resident and Commuter Life, Constitution & Elections, Student Services, Finance, Freshmen Affairs, Sophomore Affairs, Junior Affairs and Senior Affairs.

Within these committee’s membership ranges from four to eight senators per committee where they are led by a committee chair, who focuses on following the committee’s mission statement and to create objectives for the year. Many of these objectives may just be additions to the Stevenson experience like #SUServiceDay from the Service and Philanthropy committee which is a monthly day of service to the Greater Baltimore community from Stevenson students. While other committees will be working to develop bills within in their committee such as a legislative bill for internal changes for SGA or policy resolutions for external aspects of SGA that effect the whole university. All decisions, policy resolutions, and legislative bills are done with the interest of the students as top priority.

In the coming weeks students may begin to hear about bills passing in SGA which we hope will show that the SGA is working to better their undergraduate experience at Stevenson. Each student at this university has a voice that deserves to be heard and it is my hope this Senate structure will provide that platform for the students to begin to create a unified voice to act and create change. If any student out there is passionate about the Mustang experience I encourage you to fill out a Senator application on the SGA website and join a group of dedicated student leaders on campus!

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