The following students are running for 2018-2019 SGA Freshman Class Representative. Check out their bios below and don't forget to vote!



"I believe every voice should be heard, and will be the attentive leader that my class can trust. My mission is to have every Mustang feel like they’re home."

...will begin Monday, September 17th and will close after 48 hours. ​A voting link will be sent out to the Class of 2022's Stevenson E-mail address.



Kelly Mulligan is a passionate and ambitious Fashion Merchandising Major from Old Bridge, New Jersey. As a freshman at Stevenson University, Kelly plans on being a part of as many clubs as possible, including P.A.W.S., W.O.R.T.H., FAD and of course, SGA. Kelly has a lot of competition for the people and environment around her, and as a member of SGA, will take the student body’s complaints and suggestions, and turn them into action, making Stevenson University a better, happier, and safer place for everyone.

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