Dontae Thomas, President

Dontae Thomas is a Senior pursuing a degree in business administration from Owings Mills, Maryland. Dontae's goals for this year include, getting more involved with the students' lives and inform the students about the importance of the SGA while working to increase our visibility with the Board of Trustees. On campus, Dontae is the President for M.I.L.E, Men's Basketball manager, game day operations, Chairman of the homecoming committee and chairman of the food committee for the SGA senate. This upcoming semester Dontae will be interning with the Mayoral Fellowship.

Emani Carter, Vice President

Emani Carter will be serving her second term as Vice President this year. She is a Senior from Richmond, Virginia, majoring in Visual Communication Design. When not fulfilling her SGA duties, Emani is the volunteer coordinator for the Food Recovery Network (FRN), a member of AIGA, and is also a Graphic Design Assistant for Campus Rec. Her biggest goal for the upcoming year is to grow and learn from those around her. Fun Fact: her hair has been loc’d for almost a year!

Julia Troost, Speaker of the Senate

Julia Troost is the Speaker of the Senate for the coming year and served in her position for the Spring 2020 semester. She is from Long Island, New York, and is a Senior majoring in Biochemistry. Julia works as an Assistant for the Office of Academic Integrity, in the Stevenson Mailroom, as well as being a Student Ambassador. She is the President and Founder of R.E.A.C.H., the Vice-President of NSLS, as well as a member of the American Chemical Society and the Tri-Beta Honor Society. Her goal for the coming year is to give club incentives for attending all senate meetings. She wants to make senators feel like they have a voice and are valued in the SGA. Her long-term goal is to increase attendance at senate meetings.

Jaden Thornton, Chief Justice

Jaden Thornton will be continuing in his role as Chief Justice this year. Jaden is a Senior Legal Studies major, and he is from Reisterstown, Maryland. Jaden is a member of Stevenson Mock Trial and works in the Office of Career Services. He is looking forward to returning to campus in the coming year.

Brandi Hall, Senior Class Representative

Brandi Hall is the Senior Class Representative this year. She is a Senior majoring in Film, with a minor in Communications, and she is from Severn, Maryland. Brandi is a member of the Girls Basketball Team, BSU, and SAAC. She also works as a part of the video broadcast team for the Athletics Communication Department of Stevenson. Brandi’s goal is to create a fun and memorable Senior year for her classmates.

Hariel King, Junior Class Representative

Hariel King is the Junior Class Representative for the coming school year. She is from Upper Marlboro, Maryland, and is a Junior majoring in Psychology. Hariel is involved around campus, where she serves as the head of Public Relations for the Psych club and the head of ABPsi. Hariel’s goal for the year to make changes in the Stevenson community and to learn how SGA works.

Mark Reichart, Sophomore Class Representative

Mark is will serving as the Sophomore Class Representative in the coming year. He is a Sophomore majoring in Legal Studies, and he is from Greensboro, Maryland. Outside of SGA, Mark is involved in the Honors Student Advisory Board. He is excited to assist students in taking a more active role in their education and college experience. His goal is to keep open communication with the Sophomore class and to help bridge the gap between SGA and the student body. Mark’s favorite quote is: “Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it" by Albus Dumbledore.

Tyreke Anderson, Freshman Class Representative

Tyreke Anderson is the Freshman Class Representative for the 2020-2021 school year. He is a Freshman Legal Studies major, and he is from Silver Spring, Maryland. When not fulfilling his SGA duties, Tyreke is actively involved in ROTC and a co-partner of the business Pro Elite Athletic Performance. His goals for this year are to provide help to his peers during the pandemic, and to ensure that everyone has a fun, successful year. Additionally, Tyreke plans to leverage his experience in advocacy, politics, and the army to help others. He plans to do this by advocating for education on sexual harassment and assault. Tyreke has held many successful assemblies on the awareness and prevention of sexual harassment and assault.

Justin Biggs, Director of Finance

Justin Biggs will be serving as the Director of Finance for the 2020-2021 schoolyear. He is a Senior from Pennsylvania, majoring in Business Administration. Around campus, Justin is a member of NSLS, works in the Stevenson Mailroom as an Assistant, and is also an active member of Phi Beta Lambda! His main goal for the coming year is to continue striving academically as his GPA is at the highest it has ever been, as well as focusing on and achieving anything that is needed to be done for every school activity that he’s involved in.

Adam Steiner, Director of Public Relations and Alumni Outreach

Adam Steiner will be serving as the Director of Public Relations and Alumni Outreach for this coming year. He is a Sophomore from Stewartstown, Pennsylvania, majoring in Computer Information Systems. On campus, Adam serves as the Vice President of ENACTUS and is a member of the Honors Student Advisory Board. His goals for the coming year are to work with clubs and the other SGA members to make information more accessible to everyone.

Juan Mercedes, Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Juan Mercedes will be the Director of Diversity and Inclusion for this coming school year. He is from Columbia, Maryland, and is a Senior majoring in Legal Studies. Outside of his SGA commitment, Juan is also a devoted member of Stevenson Mock Trial. His goal this year to display the multicultural diversity we have at Stevenson in multiple ways. He is excited to be involved around campus and hopefully make Stevenson a more enjoyable place for his peers.

Suleiman Kassamia, Director of Philanthropy

Suleiman Kassamia will be serving as the Director of Philanthropy this year. He is a Senior majoring in Cyber-Security, and he is from Lanham, Maryland. Suleiman enjoys being a member of REACH, as well as the Food Recovery Network. This year, Suleiman looks forward to providing whatever assistance he can to those in need during this pandemic.

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