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SGA Tuesdays

The members of the Student Government work to represent the students in the best way possible. We strive to make sure that student concerns and comments are heard through the everyday inner workings of the Stevenson Community. However, how can we do this if the student body as a whole does not know who we are?

This year the Student Government Association is working to achieve a stronger presence within the student body. We wish to have people, who have something to say, recognize us around campus and feel comfortable enough to pull us aside and have a chat about what's on their minds. One way we are doing that is by creating a dress code that is clean, professional, and makes us easily recognizable as a resource for our peers.

Every week we have executive board meetings from 7 to 9pm in the Rockland Conference room. We decided it was only fitting that we wear our new dress code on Tuesdays, now affectionately called- SGA Tuesdays! Even in our professional attire we want the students to know that we are still exactly like them. We go to class, eat with friends and attend events on campus. Don't believe us, check out our website and read our bios or personal blog posts. So look out for us on Tuesdays, or any day for that matter, and say hi or talk to us about anything you want. We are students who want to connect with you and want to make everyone feels that Stevenson is truly home.

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