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Stevenson University is an extremely diverse campus, it is something we as students pride ourselves on, but with so much diversity it is hard to find people with similar interests to you. Thankfully here at Stevenson, we have over 50 clubs on campus! I feel as though clubs are something everyone should at least try. The point of a club is not just to have extracurricular activities to put on your resume. The point of a club is to help find your passion on campus, now it does seem cliche but clubs help to move people forward. Joining a club lets you learn new activities or information, allows you to meet new people, and broadens your mind for what you find interesting in life. Now I know after reading that you are totally thinking, “Wow Avery, you are so right! I totally want to join a club today! But how do I do it?” Have no fear I am here to answer that very question.

Joining clubs on campus is very simple. At the beginning of each semester we have an involvement fair that clubs advertise their goals and what they plan to do as a club on campus. Even if you miss the involvement fair you can contact clubs and ask if you can join during the semester. I encourage everyone to join at least 1 club. It might not be your thing, but try it and see if you enjoy it, I am sure you will. Enjoy your semester everyone and let’s get involved!


SGA Director of Clubs and Organizations

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